Tolworth Girls’ School

Parent Teacher Association




The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) aims to encourage closer links between parents, students and staff; teaching and support, at Tolworth Girls’ School.  When your child starts at Tolworth Girls’ school you automatically become a member of the PTA. There is no subscription fee and it is entirely up to you how much you want to be involved.

We are always looking for new, enthusiastic team members for the PTA so why not join us at our next meeting as this will be a great opportunity for you to support both the school and your children.

We run a number of competitions, events and activities to raise money for the “extras” that make school life more pleasant. Regular events of the PTA calendar are the Christmas Market, year 7/8 discos and fun quiz nights.

In 2011 we raised funds for improving the outside areas, tables and chairs and the sensory garden, as wells as donations to different departments including stereos, clothing, tabards, sports equipment, display boards, aprons, plasma TVs, language software and cameras. This year we are looking to raise funds for a number of areas, including improving to the toilet facilities.



Future Events



Fashion show - Tuesday, 3rd June


Fashion Poster 2



On the evening of 3rd June we will be staging a fashion show in the School hall. The show will feature staff and students, with lots of bargains on offer for popular fashion lines.