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Examination Timetables - November 2014

- Student Timetable


Exam Booklets

- Exam booklet 2014 - TGS Students

- Exam booket - Sixth Form Students


Information, Rules and Regulations

As well as consulting the general advice in one of the booklets above, you should also read any of the Rules and Regulation documents that apply to the type of examinations you are doing.

These documents have been written to help you. Read them carefully and follow the instructions.  If there is anything you do not understand, ask your teacher.

- Information about Written Examinations

- Completing Coursework - things you MUST, and MUST NOT do

- Controlled Assessments - things you MUST, and MUST NOT do

- Taking On-screen tests

- Using Social Media - (Talking about exams and assessments on the Internet)


Policies and Procedures

- Examinations Policy

- Information for candidates - Privacy Notice

- Risk Assessment (Likely risks and procedures for prevention and control)


































Other Documents