Year 9

Students study the following units:

  • The Death Penalty: Developing evaluation skills
  • Hinduism:  Addressing misconceptions and stereotypes
  • The Holocaust: Genocide and personal responsibility
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • GCSE Short Course transition: Religion and Community Cohesion

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Students continue to develop the skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening to German. The tasks extend what was learnt last year and introduce the past tense. Using the textbooks Echo 2 and Echo 3, you will study the following topics:

Autumn Term:  

    Invitations to a party
    Describing a party
    Daily routine
    Asking for advice
    (Writing Assessment about parties)

Spring Term:   

    Items to take on holiday
    Making plans for the week
    A school trip
    (Speaking assessment about a school trip
    Uses of computers
    Talking about music
    Talking about TV
    Describing films
    Changing society
    (Reading & listening assessment)

Summer Term:  

    School subjects

    Opinions of subjects
    School day    
    School reports
    School rules
    A school exchange
    (summer project/assessment)


    Plans for the future
    Why learn foreign languages?
    Writing a CV

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Topics covered:

Autumn Term: Chords and Keys

National Curriculum Unit 8: Exploring improvisation

Spring Term: Structure and texture / Popular music and song

National Curriculum Unit 7: Exploring musical variations
National Curriculum Units 10 and 15: Exploring song writing and the use of music technology

Summer Term: Popular music and song

National Curriculum Units 10 and 15: Exploring song writing and the use of music technology
End of National Curriculum Key Stage 3 Assessment

Each topic is taught using integrated performing, composing and listening activities.
Students will have the opportunity to play keyboards and percussion instruments and to sing.
They will work individually, in pairs and in teams.


Assessment of performing, composing and listening skills will take place each term during lessons.
Students are encouraged to practise in the Music rooms at lunchtime to develop their skills and to prepare for their assessments.



   Present and future tenses
   Jobs and work
   Pastimes and hobbies
   Weekend and leisure activities
   Assessment of 2 tenses in 4 skills
   Introduction of perfect tense


   Perfect tense consolidation of above topics
   Personal identification
   House and home
   Family and friends
   Assessment of 3 tenses in 4 skills


   Je me présente project
   What I am like
   Childhood memories
   Future ambitions
   Likes and dislikes
   Family and friends

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