Academy Trust

Tolworth Girls' School & Sixth Form converted to Academy status in August 2011 which means that we are an academy trust and a registered company, limited by guarantee.

Academy schools are state funded schools in England which are directly funded by central government (specifically, the Department for Education) and independent of direct control by the local authority.  The governing body of an Academy is accountable to the Secretary of State through the requirements of a Funding Agreement. Each Academy is under the control of its governing body, which has a clearly defined strategic role in shaping success.

Members of the Academy Trust

Four governors were originally appointed as members of the Academy Trust and signed a Memorandum of Association. Members meet as required and at least once a year. The remit of the members is to ensure the Academy Trust achieves its charitable objectives, appoint an auditor, receive the annual accounts, amend the articles of association, and appoint the 'appointed' governors.

The members are:

  • Siobhan Lowe (ex officio) (signatory to the Memorandum)
  • Andrew Perks (Chair of Finance, Assets & Audit Committee) (appointed by the Members 20/06/16)
  • Paul Thompson (Governor) (appointed by the Members 20/06/16)
  • Paul Druckman (Governor) (appointed by the Members 02/11/18)
  • Suna Marfé (Governor) (appointed by the Members 02/11/18)


  • A range of documents appertaining to the Trust are available to view in the featured content and as follows:

Annual Accounts

Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements)

Value for Money Statement

Declaration of Business Interest

The Members and Directors of the Tolworth Girls' School & Sixth Form Academy Trust are required to complete an annual Declaration of Business Interests.

Full details can be found on the attachment below:

Register of People with Significant Control (PSC)

Please click here to view the Register of People with Significant Control (PSC).

Scheme of Delegation

Please click here to view the current scheme of delegation.