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COVID-19 / 24.03.2020

  • Unfortunately we will not be handing out any certificates for the next few weeks, thank you for your patience.


Welcome to the Examinations Department

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Information, Rules and Regulations - advice to students

You must read all the Rules and Regulation documents that apply to the type of examinations you are taking.  These documents have been written to help you. Read them carefully and follow the instructions. If there is anything you do not understand, ask your teacher.

Any malpractice could lead to disqualification.

Completing Coursework - things you MUST, and MUST NOT do (JCQ)
Non-Exam Assessments (JCQ)
Taking Written Exams (JCQ)
Taking On-screen tests (JCQ)
Using Social Media - (Talking about exams and assessments on the Internet) (JCQ)
Self-Certification Form (absence from exam)
No Mobile Phones (JCQ)
Warning to Candidates (JCQ)

I02Q0362 I02Q1672 I02Q9625
Post-Results - Returned Scripts and Paper Reviews

If you are unhappy about an exam result, you can ask for a clerical check or review of marking, or you can request to have a copy of your script.

Details of the services available, along with the the prices and deadlines, can be discussed with the Exams Office.

Permission Form for Clerical Check or Review
Permission Form for Access to Scripts

Fees must be paid using ParentPay at the time of submitting your request.

It is important that you discuss your options with your teachers to get the full facts before taking action. Any request for a clerical check or review of marking carries with it the risk of your marks and grades going down.

You must complete the relevant forms and you - not your parents or teachers - must sign the form giving us consent to carry out any post-results services.


When you start a course in the sixth form, college, university or apply for an apprenticeship or job, you will need to show your certificates.  These will be available to collect from the school from November 30th (during school hours).

Certificates are not posted out to students. They must be collected by the student or their representative.  Alternatively, you can pay for recorded-delivery. Please read through the information for further details.  The school is permitted to destroy all unclaimed certificates after 12 months.

Process for collecting certificates 

Retaking Examinations and NEA units

There are occasions when you may want or need to retake an exam, coursework or non-exam assessment. Always speak with your teachers for advice before submitting your request. The form must be completed in full and submitted to the Exams Office by the deadlines (indicated on the form itself). All fees must be paid using ParentPay before submitting the form.

Failure to provide all information or pay full fees by the deadlines will prevent entry to the examination or assessment.

Re-sit Form 

Nationwide Contingency Plans - Wednesday 24th June 2020

Be advised there is a contingency exam day scheduled for June 24th. This will only come into effect on the orders of JCQ should sustained national or local disruption arise during the Summer 2020 examinations series.

The decision comes following the tragic events of summer 2017, namely the Manchester attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire. The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have decided that they need the option to postpone an exam (or exams) in the event of an incident and rearrange them for a later date to allow all students a fair and equal chance. Exams can be scheduled up to and including Wednesday 24th June 2020. This means all exam candidates must be available to sit exams from the date of their first exam until Wednesday 24 June 2020.

This decision is not a school decision and does apply to all candidates in all schools. Please can all students/parents/carers make a note of the contingency exam date in the event that an awarding body needs to invoke its contingency plan.

Policies and Procedures

Examinations Policy - under review
Public Exam & Non-Exam Assessment Appeals Policy
Internal Assessment Marks Appeals Policy
Processing Candidate Data - GDPR
Information for candidates - Privacy Notice