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Results sent to you via InTouch are provisional results slips. The official qualification and grade is supplied in the form of a certificate. You will need to produce these certificates for college/university and at job interviews.

These are usually available to collect from the school 3 months after the official release of results. 

Please email exams@tolworthgirlsschool.co.uk to arrange a date and time to collect.

Do not turn up without having first booked an appointment, You will need to bring photo identification with you.

Please ensure you make arrangements to collect your certificates within 12 months of availability as the school is permitted to destroy any that are unclaimed.  To receive replacements, you would need to contact the awarding body directly and pay their charges which are approx. £50 per certificate. Always check with the school first before contacting the awarding bodies.


Contingency Day

Wednesday 29th June 2022 will be a ‘contingency day’ for all exam boards in the UK.  This is an additional day at the end of the exam period. It will only be used in the event of major local or national disruption to summer 2022 exams, in which case it is possible that timetable dates could be affected up to and including the contingency day.

Students must be available until 30th June 2022. If an exam is rescheduled to the contingency day and you are unavailable due to holidays or other activities, you will not be entitled to special consideration for those missed assessments.


Autumn Results 2021

GCE subjects: Thursday 16th December 2021

GCSE English and GCSE Mathematics: Thursday 13th January 2022

All other GCSE subjects:  Thursday 24th February 2022

Post-Results services (Enquiries About Results and Access To Scripts) will be available for this series, contact exams@tolworthgirlsschool.co.uk for further details.



December Mocks

The school is conducting mock examinations for Year 11 and 13 students in December.  The experience is designed to help prepare students for official examinations they will be sitting during and at the end of the academic year.

It is important, therefore, that you read through all the JCQ regulations to avoid the possibility of disqualification.  One of the main reasons students are disqualified is due to mobile phones.  Do not bring a mobile phone into the exam venue.  Even if it is in your bag at the side of the hall, you will still be disqualified.  Watches have also been banned from the exam venue and the same penalty applies.

Students have been issued with individual timetables for the mock examination series.  Please make sure you turn up on time for your exam equipped with all the items you require, including your lanyard.  No pens/pencils/calculators will be provided. 

Remember examination venues will remain open for ventilation purposes so ensure you wrap up warm, wear layers and your mask (unless you have an exemption pass from the school).


January 2022 Examinations

Students who have been entered for examinations and external assessments in the January/February season will receive their timetables via InTouch and your teachers, and you should check your school emails regularly.

Remember to wear warm clothing and layers to these exams as windows and doors are open to help the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

Calculators cannot be taken into exam venues if the exam you are sitting does not allow them.

No mobile phones or any other electronic device, such as fit-bits, mp3/4 players, any potential technological or web enabled sources of information, are permitted in the exams venues.  Watches have also been banned from the exam venue.

It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of all regulations and procedures.


January Results 2022

Cambridge Technicals (Yr12):  Thursday 17th March 2022

BTECs (Yr12&13):  Thursday 24th March 2022

BTECs (Yr11):  Thursday 7th April 2022


Information, Rules and Regulations - advice to students

You must read all the Rules and Regulation documents that apply to the type of examinations you are taking. These documents have been written to help you. Read them carefully and follow the instructions. If there is anything you do not understand, ask your teacher.

Any malpractice could lead to disqualification.

Warning to Candidates.pdf

Unauthorised Items Poster.pdf

JCQ Social Media Information for Candidates.pdf

Information for Candidates – Coursework Assessments.pdf

Information for Candidates for Written Examinations.pdf

Information for Candidates Privacy Notice.pdf

Information for Candidates for On-Screen Tests.pdf

Information for Candidates NEA 2021.pdf

(Under Review)

2020-2021 Processing Candidate Data

Appeals against Internal Assessments of Work 2020-2021

TGS Centre Policy


Any malpractice could lead to disqualification.

I02Q1688 I02Q0071 I02Q9773