Year 10 & 11

Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 curriculum is divided into two: the common core and option subjects.

Common Core: Everyone takes these compulsory subjects:

  • ENGLISH (equivalent to one full GCSE)
  • ENGLISH LITERATURE (equivalent to one full GCSE)
  • MATHEMATICS (equivalent to one full GCSE)
  • RELIGIOUS STUDIES AND SOCIETY (equivalent to one full GCSE)
  • A HUMANITIES SUBJECT (either Geography or History, you may take both)
  • PE (non-GCSE)
  • SCIENCE (leading to at least two GCSEs or equivalent)
  • Pastoral education (non-GCSE) - tutorial programme
Option Subjects

At least one course from each of three curriculum areas is chosen in order to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum and the range of skills needed for future learning and career choice.

The table below lists all the examined core and option subjects taken by students starting year 10 in September 2018.

Detailed information about all the courses listed below can be found in the Options Booklet 2018 which was issued to year 9 students in February 2018.

Options Booklet 2018

Core Curriculum  Practical Arts
English Language Art & Design
English Literature Dance
Maths Design Technology
Religious Studies Drama
Science Food Technology
Maths, ICT & Business EBACC
Maths Geography
ICT History
Business  Modern Foreign Languages
I02Q0550 I02Q9588 I02Q0309