Art, Craft and Design

Why study Art, Craft and Design?

  • Awakens your imagination, encourages self discipline & independent decision making, develops creative thinking, nurtures lateral thinking & problem solving skills...

Art, Craft & Design Presentation



Why study Dance?

  • You may not want to pursue a career in dance, so why study it at GCSE?
  • Because you enjoy it – you should have enjoyment in your GCSE studies
  • Because you are good at it -  never underestimate skills in a practical subject, good grades are good grades regardless of the subject...

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Design Technology

Why study Design and Technology?

  • Learn how to make effective design choices
  • You will develop a deeper understanding of at least one material area and additional knowledge in a second material
  • Develop your understanding about the stages of designing

Design Technology Presentation



Why study Drama?

 Drama Presentation


Food Preparation and Nutrition

Why study Food Preparation and Nutrition?

  • Desirable skills that both employers and universities seek
  • Develop your practical cookery skills
  • Learn how as consumers we have the power to make moral and ethical decisions that can make a difference to the world we live in

Food Preparation & Nutrition Presentation


BTEC Health & Social Care 

Why study Health & Social Care

  • You can have the chance to get a better paid job and be more qualified than others when applying for jobs, as you may have more vocational skills
  • You only have one exam which is worth 40% of your overall grade
  • You can develop new skills needed in the world of work

Health & Social Care Presentation


ICT Cambridge National Level 2

Why study ICT?

  • Creative media - Creative iMedia is a new course that we have started teaching for the first time this year
  • It focusses on the creative use of ICT to produce media products such as websites, graphics, interactive displays, apps, movies etc.
  • Web Design - Learn how to design and build working websites including images, video, animations, audio, interactive maps, pop up menus and more.

ICT Presentation



Why study Music? 

  • The written paper includes 1-2 music notation questions. However, listening and understanding are more important than fluency at music reading
  • If you can read music, it helps. But people can score highly without being particulary fluent at music reading
  • If you have learned an exam piece, you can use it for your gcse performance coursework

Music Presentation



Why study PE?

  •  Do you play sport or do dance outside of school regularly?
  •  Do you regularly go to PE Clubs after school?
  •  Do you go to the gym and are interested in improving your fitness?
  •  Do you like science?

Then PE would be a good choice for you!

PE Presentation


BTEC Sport 

Why study BTEC Sport?

  • You will still continue to do your 1 hour a week PE practical lessons
  • THEORY: worth 75%  PRACTICAL: worth 25% There is MORE THEORY than practical in BTEC Sport
  • Do you want want to learn more about why and how people exercise?

BTEC Sport Presentation


Fashion & Textiles

Why study Fashion & Textiles

  • Increases complex analysis
  • Enhance fine motor skills
  • Improves hand eye coordination
  • Promotes visual, verbal & written communication skills

Fashion & Textiles Presentation



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