Summer Reading Challenge

‘Read Up! Kingston’- Free Book and Competition

This year, Tolworth Girls’ School is taking part in a shared-reading project called ‘Read Up Kingston!’, in association with Kingston University.

As a Year 6 student who is starting at TGS in September, you will receive a free book as a welcome gift! This book is for you to read and enjoy during the summer holidays. You can read it independently or with your family. It is called a shared-read as all of your new classmates and teachers will be reading the book too. You will have lots of time to discuss it together in September!

Our Year 7 Book Tasters have been working hard to find the perfect shared-reading book for you and we have decided upon the fantastic, ‘Talking to the Moon’ by S.E Durrant.



The Blurb

Iris's grandmother, Mimi, has started to put jam on her scrambled eggs and tie blue ribbons around her fingers to remind her of stuff. Her house, always full of things, is becoming harder and harder to navigate, and when Iris goes to stay, she feels as if a whole life is becoming muddled up. As her grandmother's memory fades, a mystery is uncovered. Who is Coral, and what happened to her?

We hope that you enjoy the book! Click here for details of the accompanying competition and click here for messages from our Year 7 Book Tasters.



Dear new student, We hope that you will use your summer to taste books from our carefully chosen list. 

Share your Summer Reading in your first English / Library lessons. To gain your first Reading Star: Tell us what you thought about the book in an entertaining review!

Please click this link to open 'Summer Reading Challenge'.pdf


Please note: Your free book will be delivered to your primary school. If you are not currently attending primary school, your book will be posted to your home address.

Miss Alice Medforth- Literacy Coordinator

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