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The Tolworth ABC

The thing we are proudest of at Tolworth Girls’ School is our students. There are almost 1400 individuals at our school and they each have their own journey to embark on. We have musicians, swimmers, debaters, artists, singers, actors, dancers, coders and poets to name just a few. We believe in the talents of every member of our community, and we also recognise that our shared values are what keep us together.

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At Tolworth there are a number of rules to follow, but there are three things we keep in mind at all times. These are known as the Tolworth ABC.

Aim High – this reminds us that in anything we should always look to be the best versions of ourselves. We can achieve if we set our minds to it.

Be Brave – this reminds us that whilst times can be tough, we must always try to meet challenges head on. Things are not always easy, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive hard to achieve.

Create Positivity – this reminds us that we all have a duty to bring the best to our community. We let our light shine so that others can be guided and supported.


By keeping these values in mind at all times we get the best out ourselves and each other.

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