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  • Summer Art Exhibition 2022

    SUMMER ART & DESIGN EXHIBITIONwill incorporate art, ceramics, 3D, photography and textile work created by our GCSE and A-level students

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  • TGS Dance Show

    TGS Dance Show 2022Congratulations to our girls from year7 to year13 ... We are so proud of you!  We have enjoyed every minute!





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  • Immersive Work Experiences

    Immersive Work ExperiencesLast Chance: 'Live Online' Summer Internships
    The Ultimate Online Summer Career Experience | Ages 12-18

    This is the final call for students to register for one of our immersive 'Live Online' Summer Internships. The Internships give students aged 12-18 a truly unique, interactive, 360-degree experience in 12 of the world's most exciting careers, all from the comfort of their own home.

    Please click this link to open - 'InvestIn Online Summer Internships'

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  • Wimbledon Ball Boys and Girls

    Wimbledon 2021Congratulations to our 2021 team of Wimbledon Ball Boys and Girls...We are so proud of you!  Good luck at this years' Championships, and enjoy every minute!

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  • Summer Art Exhibition 2021


    KS4 & KS5:
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