An epic Queen Medley from our FABULOUS students

An epic Queen Medley our FABULOUS students have been working on in lock down over the last 3 weeks: 

Amazing efforts by:

Niamh S11 -Vocals and Bass

Daisie 10T-Drums

Leila S3 -Vocals

Millie 10A-Guitar and vocals

Eloise 11J -Vocals

Seren 9J-Guitar

Sumaya 11O-Guitar (bohemian rhapsody solo)

Katie 9P-Piano and Synth

Eleanna  10A-Flute

Madeline 8J-trombone

Caitlin 7A- Clarinet

Arron and Reuben (Guitar, trombone and percussion, Southborough High)


Click this link to watch the full video


A little back story...

This was meant to be performed at prize night. 

This was the brainchild of Niamh Browne (lead singer)-a founding member of the band who arrived 5 years ago with 2 friends to play some music in the moldy old music huts. Five years on, we now have over 20 members and have progressed a little from 2 chord songs! 

Niamh sung this to me a cappella a few months back. Knowing this would be her last big song for the band, I scored it for our orchestra so she could go out with a bang!

With the lock down removing all live performance opportunities, many famous artists have been making music videos from home. We decided to do the same. 

I sent the students their parts and a backing track to play along with. Between them they practiced with the backing track 445 times! They then sent a me a video of them performing their part along with the backing track. I then glued and mixed all their parts together so it sounds like they are all performing at the same time.

Hope you enjoy our considerable efforts!!

Stay Home, stay safe, stay happy,


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