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Spring 2020

The Windmill spring 2020

New Year’s Revolutions and How To Keep Them!

By Amelia - 7J

Set  yourself manageable goals that you are more likely to achieve: 10 small goals in a year rather than one big one. For example, each week try and go a day without sugar. 

It is always nice to have someone to help you and give you some support or a reminder. For example, if you are trying to read more ask your friend or family member when you have some spare time to read.....

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  • Halloween 2019

    Halloween - all you ever need to know!

    by Year 7's Genevieve

    Pumpkins - why do we do what we do?

    Pumpkin carving comes from Celtic times where, during a festival called Samuin, they would carve scary pictures into pumpkins to ward off evil spirits. 
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  • Summer 2019

    In this Issue... SLT Interviews / Department Best Bits / Tolworth at Wimbledon / Summer Reading Recommendations / Volunteering in the Library... and many more!
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  • Mental Health 2019

    This issue, we're celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week and Healthy Schools Week with our theme - Wellbeing!

    Thank you to all our fantastic contributors for their hard work on this month's issue.

    Happy reading!

    Miss Kemp
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