Year 11 Letters

End of Year 11 Arrangements and Study Leave

The main examination season starts on Monday 16 May 2022 and from this date we will operate an amended timetable. When not sitting exams, students will either be in normal lessons or revision sessions.

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GCSE Art and Textile Work

All GCSE Art and Textile work completed last year should now be collected by the end of this half term, no later than Thursday 26 May 2022. We have been storing and displaying the art work in the department but now need the space for our current student’s work.

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Year 11 History

Dear Parents/Carers
With Year 11’s first set of History mocks behind us, and feedback in-class already taking place, the History Department would like to use this time to inform you about the best way you can support your daughter going forward with a view to the next set of mock examinations.

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