Governors Profiles

Siobhan Lowe

Ex-officio staff governor by virtue of her post in the school. Has responsibility for the internal organisation, management and control of the Academy and for the implementation of the strategic framework agreed by the Governing Body.

Paul Thompson
Chair of Governors

I became a governor in November 2013 and, having served on the HR, MAT and Land Development Committees, chairing the first two of these, I was elected chair of the governing body in July 2018.   My professional background is as a lawyer, having practised for more than 30 years as a partner in a central London law firm which I helped develop and manage.  My legal specialisation was in the authorisation of transport and other projects throughout the UK and in parliamentary and legislative work.  I became a governor because I have lived within two and a half miles of the Academy since the mid 1980s, know the area well, am interested in education and believe the Academy is a very important community facility which deserves support.  During my time as a governor, I have grown to understand what a wonderful school we have and I remain passionate about ensuring that it continues to flourish.