Sixth Form Life

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One of the greatest strengths of Tolworth Sixth Form is our sense of community. We are delighted that over 85% of TGS students choose to stay with us for their post 16 studies and are rightly proud that we attract so many new students into our sixth form. We do all we can to ensure that everyone settles into the Sixth Form as quickly as possible. Teambuilding and social activities are organised throughout the academic year to help foster a sense of community. Sixth Form students readily take on positions of significant responsibility within school. At the end of year 12 students can apply to become School Officials; opportunities include becoming Head Boy, Head Girl, Chair of the Charity Committee and Public Relations Officer to name but a few. Students also have the opportunity of developing their skills and experiences further by working with younger members of the school community. This might include organising sports activities, supporting lower school lessons or working as peer mentors.


An essential part of life at Tolworth Sixth Form is giving students the opportunity to take part in an enrichment programme where they develop an individual profile of skills and experiences that will form part of their application for University, College or a future career.

The Enrichment programme is revised every year. A typical range of courses may include: First Aid, CSLA, Young Enterprise, Film Society, Salsa Dancing, Basic Construction skill, Fitness for sport and many others.

Sporting Opportunities

Tolworth Sixth Form offers many opportunities for students to enjoy sport; either in representative teams or simply for recreation and fitness. We have popular and well-established girls, boys and mixed teams which represent the Sixth Form at Football, Rugby and Basketball. Students are also entitled to a discounted rate that allows access to the extensive gym and leisure facilities at Tolworth Recreation Centre.

Future Directions

Throughout their time at Tolworth Sixth Form students receive expert guidance and assistance to help them make the right decisions to achieve their academic and career goals. Students complete a detailed tutorial programme which outlines the options available to them. The school works in collaboration with a number of Universities, Colleges and Employers to give students the best possible start to life after studying at Tolworth Sixth Form.

All students receive excellent, individual support in their applications to Higher Education or work. The personal nature of the support enables students to successfully apply to a variety of institutions, including Oxbridge. Students feel confident and well prepared when applying to some of the most competitive courses including Medicine, Law, English and History. We have highly skilled staff with huge experience of the university applications process. The vast majority of students receive the maximum 5 ‘offers’ from their chosen universities and most are accepted on to their ‘first choice’ of university course. The remainder successfully enter employment in a wide range of careers.

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AS Level General Studies

In addition to enrichment all Level 3 students are timetabled to study General Studies.

The Curriculum

As a comprehensive sixth form we welcome students with a wide range of attainment at GCSE and consequently we offer a broad range of academic and vocational courses at different levels to suit all of our students. We take seriously our responsibility to enrol students on to courses which will allow them to achieve and succeed to their potential and set the following entry requirements accordingly.

Level 2 Courses

For a Level 2 course, students should achieve a minimum of 5A*- F GCSE passes or equivalents.

Students completing a Level 2 programme of study should choose one main subject and will have the opportunity to complete GCSE resits in English, Maths International students may complete the IGCSE in English specifically designed for students with English as an additional language.

Level 3 Courses

AS and A Level courses:

  • To study for 4 AS Levels in Year 12, students should achieve a minimum of 7A* - C GCSE passes or equivalents.
  • To study for 3 AS Levels in Year 12, students should achieve a minimum of 5A* - C GCSE passes or equivalents.
  • In addition to this, Individual subjects may have specific requirements e.g. to take Maths AS you need at least a grade B in Maths GCSE.

Please refer to the subject entries in the course booklet for these.

Level 3 BTEC
  • Students should achieve a minimum 5 A*- C GCSE passes or equivalents.
  • Students completing a Level 3 programme of study should choose a minimum of 3 subjects.
  • Most universities would expect 3 subjects to be completed at A Level with an additional AS.
BTEC Qualifications

Along with most schools and colleges, we offer a range of BTEC qualifications at level 3. The BTECs are well established and highly respected qualifications that not only attract UCAS points for University entrance but act as a springboard into employment.

They offer a practical educational approach by applying learning to real-life situations. Students have to undertake a number of units for which they present evidence, based on actual work and studies. This allows them to demonstrate their skill and knowledge. BTEC provide a practical, real-world approach to learning without sacrificing any of the essential subject theory. They can be taken alongside A Levels. BTECs encourages learners to manage their time and be more independent, preparing them for the demands of University education as well as the workplace.

We currently offer Level 3 Science, Business, ICT and Performing Arts (Dance). To read a copy of the Parent's Guide, go to